Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Remodeling

One of the most used rooms in your house

Your bathroom is your own personal pampering area. Half the fun of remodeling is getting to choose a new design for your bathroom. To help you get started we have some examples below of bathroom renovation ideas. We want to make the entire renovation process easy for you, from finding and purchasing new fixtures right up to the perfect cabinet doors. With our expertise we’ll take care of everything from the plumbing elements to the tricky bath fitting, in order to make sure your bathroom looks and performs just the way you want it.

Whether it is a full makeover, a small improvement, a large bathroom or a small ensuite we are up for it. Trust in the quality work of Forrest Hill to freshen up part or the entire look and feel of your bathroom. Whatever you reason, we’ll make sure improvements are done right and to your specifications.

Start by contacting us for a chat. We’ll take care of anything you need for your bathroom renovation in Winnipeg: fixture replacement, bath fitting, tiling, cabinets, flooring, countertops, bathroom lighting, and more. 


Upgrading or relocating plumbing fixtures such as the toilet, sink, and shower/tub is often necessary to improve functionality and create a better layout.


Proper lighting is essential in a bathroom for both practical and aesthetic reasons. This can include installing new light fixtures, adding dimmer switches, or incorporating natural light through windows or skylights.


Updating finishes such as flooring, wall tiles, countertops, and cabinetry can completely transform the look and feel of a bathroom. It's important to choose materials that are durable, water-resistant, and easy to maintain in a humid environment.

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We cover all of Winnipeg.

Yes absolutely! Get in touch with us to talk about what you need done and we will price it up for you with no obligation.

Yes we will take care of everything, we look after all aspects of the job including things like tiling, plumbing and electrical work etc.

This all depends on the work required but we can walk you through this as we have a lot of experience in all types of renovations.